eeCompensation enables your compensation professional, management, and front line managers to plan, oversee and execute your compensation plan and strategy fully supporting your business and talent strategies –

without having to compromise…






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The Power of eeCompensation Enables

An advanced modeling platform that combines complex, interrelated dimensions into a cohesive review process.

Full localization capabilities (multi-currency, multi-exchange rate and multi-lingual capabilities).
Fully configurable, effective and efficient workflow that ensures progress so you don’t have to follow anyone up.
Budget sharing and prioritization across employee segments for more targeted and effective budget planning.
Real-time reporting that monitors the process with detailed, relevant reports for users at all levels, from the CEO to line managers.

Enables the best compensation decisions by facilitating collaboration between the compensation team, the business and the line manager.

If you can measure it, eeCompensation can include it in compensation reviews.

Identify, reward and retain your top performers more efficiently and effectively, and improve your responsiveness to employee development needs.
Say goodbye to costly patchwork solutions. Give top decision makers the complexity they need, line employees the usability they want, and administrators the platform to manage it all.
Compliment talent management initiatives by incorporating broad and complex data into your compensation strategy, from internal policies and performance targets to countries, currencies and markets – and how they apply to the individual, the department and the company.
Minimize waste by paying employees what they’re worth. Draw a clear line between employee performance and organizational performance and in the process, pay your people what they’re worth to the business.
Execute your desired compensation strategy
by leveraging eeCompensation’s proprietary modeling and planning technology based on sophisticated multi-dimensional employee segmentations and prioritization that allow you to use as many parameters and weightings as you need to achieve your business goals.

Connect with eeStrategy today to comprehensively address compensation management at your company.