for Performance Measurement


Do you want to know exactly how each role in your company
contributes to business results?

You need a solution that bring complex, and potentially conflicting, employee performance metrics
together into a single view to help you determine value and help your employees meet your business

Employees want their contributions to be measured and recognized fairly. If employees know what they
should be doing, know how their performance will be measured and that they will be rewarded for
accomplishing these goals, they feel empowered to achieve them and will perform at a higher level to get
them done. Our proprietary relational algorithms make our software configurable to your corporate
philosophy, goals, and policies and add value by delivering insights beyond reach in most companies.

Ensure alignment between compensation and business results
Get scorecards ranging from basic weighted threshold/target/stretch objectives to whatever combination of inter-dependent measures are required to ensure alignment with objectives.
Increase engagement by defining “success” and allowing employees to be successful
Improve your review process, giving your employees high quality feedback on how they can optimize their performance. Articulate the interrelatedness of each dimension, helping employees match work choices to your goals.
Recognize and reward employee efforts
Most corporations use two-dimensional spreadsheets to reduce multiple streams of complex data about employee performance. The result? Feelings of unfairness. Recognise top performing employees accurately with eeScorecards.

Model relationships between objectives to ensure balanced performance
Incorporate multiple steams of information so that a performance review can help an employee optimize performance. Allow for forecasting outcomes—and incentive plan costs—based upon company results.
Measure real-world performance and draw a direct line between employee incentive plans and your policies, values and business goals
Arrive at a clear point of view, backed by real-life data streams that are both transparent and defensible and provide a sound basis for appropriate incentive compensation decisions.

Connect with eeStrategy today and start measuring individual, team, and organization performance.