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Technology to Align your Compensation and Talent Strategies

Leading firms like Google, Facebook, GE, and Time Warner Cable have repeatedly proved the competitive advantage offered by the right talent strategy.  The source of success for these companies is not simply data, but the leveraging of data through analytics, and then optimizing their workforces by linking compensation to the organization’s talent management strategy – all enabled by technology platforms.

In this 3-page whitepaper on Leveraging Technology to Align your Compensation and Talent Strategies, you will discover:

  • How to ensure maximum effectiveness of compensation spend, assuring that top performers are rewarded and key talent retained for the long term, while still meeting the compensation requirements for the entire organization
  • How to tighten linkage between compensation spend and business and talent management goals
  • How to leverage line manager involvement in decision-making
  • How to improve each line managers ability to communicate to employees so that they understand the link between their compensation, performance and achieving business goals

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